About me

Gaia Velli was born in Bari on August 28th 1996. She has always been fond of art and photography; in 2015 she graduated in advertising design at the school I.I.S.S. De Nittis-Pascali and afterwards she studied at  F. Project school of photography and cinema.

In that same year, she won the first prize during a competition organized by Rubbettino Publishing House, whose theme was “Winter”, obtaining her photo to be published on the book catalog back cover. In 2016 she presented his photographic work “My Barbies” at the exhibition “You can sense the smell of acids # 2”.

At the same time, she actively cooperated with fashion blog “Wonderfashionista”, improving her experience as a Fashion Photographer, until she had a photo published in Nuremberg newspaper.

In summer of 2017, by cooperating with Photofloyd agency, she joined the photographer team at tourist resort Blu Salento Village. Later on, Gaia worked in conventions where she was hired as a photographer, for example, during an interdepartmental convention of A.N.M. (National Association of Magistrates), then at the National Conference “Pulmonary Oncology” organized by IASLC and others.

In November 2017 “Once Upon a Time” project was born. It sprung from the need of reviving neglected places through photo shots that traditional painting art can approach and even overlap.

There are many cooperations with advertising agencies during happenings, parties, openings and music events.