Once upon a time

Reviving neglected places through photo shots means to personally enjoy a new adventure: discovering new connections between Art and the Lens.

An artistic journey starts from here: it approaches, even better, it overlaps former painting art with current photography.

Desolation, carelessness and chaos of neglected places represent an operational platform in this project, like a canvas for an artist who sets out colors to give life to either landscapes or characters by using a brush. My characters overlap on a photo as vital details taken from a painting. The eye of my lens focuses on sites characterized by the cold and inevitable devastation of ruins, ruined walls, fragments of objects once useful to those who lived there, cold rooms filled with fragments of materials belonging to a real life taking place in those sites. On this crystallized desolation in a still image, the project idea is to blow a new vital breath, placing overlapping human figures portrayed in everyday life attitudes, taken away from artistic paintings of which they constituted artworks.

Art and photography meet in a creative way then, establishing a new relationship, like a window that opens from the past to the present or vice versa, in a blend of Art and technology to tell of an ancient humanity that either dances, takes a rest, tells about itself or works…in a disarray of places where the fury of devastation and time flowing has quickly cancelled the harmony and colors of life, proposing a new reading of time passing by quietly and slowly. Painting art characters are blowing that breath of regenerating vitality on a decadent photographic background, just like a mother and a child who talk by the door of a dirty and abandoned farmhouse; or Van Gogh’s starry sky that lights up the shabby indoor of an industrial laboratory; or again the knight and the lady who read poetry and renew their silent covenant of love and tenderness on the threshold of a ruined deposit overgrown with weeds …

Art and Photography meet each other

Once upon a time

Past and present tell about themselves

Reference: Silvestro Lega’s “Education to work”

The redman

The redman shows an opening. A welcome that starts the story …

Reference: Pompeo Batoni’s “Portrait of a young man”

A Sunday afternoon

Women in a park, a dreary landscape where steel pillars recall trees.

Reference: George Surat’s “A Sunday afternoon  on  the Big-Jatte island”


The little girl with a dog, they give themselves a break from playing.

Reference: Burton’s “Simpathy”

Night lights

The light of a starry night in the deep darkness of a lifeless place.

Reference: Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry night”

A Queen

The queen is held in the frame of a “time door”.

Reference: Manuel Cabral and Aguado Bejarano’s “Maria de las Mecedes d’Orleans”

Let’s dance

A frantic dance in an unchangeable and colorless reality.

Reference: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Woman’s secrets

An elegant noblewoman in front of the narrow locker of her secrets.

Reference: Winterhalter’s “Empress Elisabeth of Austria with diamond stars on her hair”

The shower

The relaxing privacy of modernity.

Reference: Botticelli’s “Spring-Mercury”

Holy and profane

Venus and Mary. A reference to holiness in the background.

Reference: Botticelli’s “Spring-Venus”


A coward farewell.

Reference: Friedrich’s “Wanderer on  a sea of fog”

The eternal kiss

Love: downhills and uphills.

Reference: Francesco Hayez’s “The kiss”

Paolo and Francesca

“A jailbird was for us the book and its author …”

Reference: Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”  as its caption and an unknown Victorian Portrait

Sur la pointe des pieds

Reference: Edwin Austin Abbey “The penance of Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester”

In punta di piedi
Ingegnua vanità

Innocent vanity

Reference: Arthur Huges “Audrey’s toilette”

Death’s envy

Reference: Gustav klimt “The Kiss” – “Death and Life”

Invidia della morte
The innocent bath

The innocent bath

Reference: John Reinhard Weguelin “The Bath”

The patients

Reference: G. Pellizza da Volpedo “The fourth estate”

The patients
The young hope

The young hope

Reference: Arthur Hopkins “The visitor” – Evelyn De Morgan “Night and sleep”

Young and beautiful

Reference: John Collier “Lady Godiva”

Young and beautiful